Shade trees and shrubs Plants

There is a wide variety of plants at WinBee Farms such as:


Oak trees are basically shrub and belong to the beech tree family. There are 600 species of oak trees, however, there some famous oak tree species such as red oak trees, willow trees, black oak trees, Japanese ever green oak, water oak, pin oak, white oak, bur oak, and post oak.  Oak trees are very strong trees, its wood resistant to fungus and insect attacks as it has a high tannin content. Many researches have revealed that other than it usage for furniture and construction it can also be use in alternate medication especially cancer. The bark of oak trees are used in tanning leather and the Acorns from the tree are used to make roasted acorn coffee. Acorns are produced by oak trees during September and early November. These sensitive trees to their environment, they may not bloom and give acorns if the stressed due to the environmental factors. All in all they are cold hardy plants and stay green all the year round.

Oaks – $5 – $35


Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle comes in varied colors and are an ever green trees form the shrub family. They produce flowers the whole year, many people chop of their crapes because they tend to grow too big. Usually these are known well for their long lasting flowers, the flowering occurs during summer and autumn. These are used bith in sub-tropical and tropical places for domestic and commercial landscapes. They release small winged seeds in the environment. Their wood is sometime used in furniture, railway sleepers and manufacturing of bridges. Moreover they are used beautification of gardens and farms.

CRAPE MYRTLE – $5 – $35



These are evergreen plants and can grow in the form of shrubs, trees or long, woody vines called lianas. Plants like the sago palm, Torbay palm, yucca palm, and traveler’s palm are not part of the Arecaceae family. Palm trees have two different types of leaves: palmate and pinnate. There are lots of uses of a palm tree, other than providing shade of a sunny day their leaves are widely used in making baskets, paper, furniture etc palm trees are also used in producing scented wax that can then be used in making scented candles. Other than producing coconuts these trees are also harvest for their heart that is eaten by a lot of people. This heart of the tree is present right where the leaves grow from. Due this reason these trees are going extinct, once the heart of the tree is removed it dies. These can grow in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

PALMS – $5 – $35



Oleanders are evergreen shrub trees that are known for their poisonous qualities. However, these are used for medical purposes. These plants bear flowers and long seedy fruits. These trees have saps that contain white milky liquid that can cause a lethal or near lethal toxic reaction in humans as well as animals. Although these may be dangerous for humans and many other animals including livestock, horses etc they still happen to main a good ecological system as caterpillars feed on them. These mostly used for decorative purpose and their sweet smelling flowers are used for creating ornaments.

OLEANDERS – $3 – $30


Variegated ginger

Variegated ginger is also known as the shell ginger. It is common in the tropical shade gardens. This plant is more liked for it appearance with green and yellow leaves they tend to grow impressively by taking the center stage. It works well as surrounding plant under trees or to fill up corners. It bear flowers during hot weathers. They produce flowers whose petals look mimic the shape of sea shells. These flowers have a very subtle smell however their leave have a tangy smell. These grow well in well drained areas only and require warm weather for pruning purposes. All the require less water but they look their best when they are regularly water. These different species of plants keep the place green as well as provide a natural habitat for the farm animals.  You can buy some to enhance your garden or yard.