Products for sale

Wholesale and Retail organic, WinBee farms cater to wholesale as well as retailers. We offer products at a competitive price. WinBee farm products are high quality products specifically produced for health conscious consumers. We have set affordable prices so that everyone can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wholesale and Retail Organic
Brown eggs

Organic Hens and Rosters

Exotic Birds, Emu, Peacock,
Pheasants, Ostrich, Quail
Guineas, Turkeys

Water Fowls,
Ducks, Geese

Baby Chicks and
Hatching eggs
from Exotic Birds

Purebred puppies
(Spanish Mastiff, Siberian husky,
and Doberman pinscher)

Lambs, Goats.

Healthy Heifers,

Ornamental Plants,

Free Delivery Available Depending
on Quantity and Product