Turkeys are kept both as pets and for eating their meat as well. There are different varieties of turkeys, one can fly the other cannot. The ones that can fly are the wild turkeys, they are smaller in size whereas the domesticated turkeys are much larger and cannot fly. It is the domesticated turkey that is preferred for it meat for being meatier than the latter. Domestic turkeys are slower in comparison. Male turkeys gobble while female turkeys make sounds resembling a clucking sound. Although, turkeys can be kept in an enclosed area but they are happier if the get a bigger place where they can roam around. Wild turkeys can fly so it is not a good option to keep them without cages. Turkeys feed on wild nuts, gapes, berries, grass, acorns, leaves, poison ivy berries, honey suckle berries etc. However, they should be fed with pellets. Turkeys are a little messy hence an everyday clean-up is required, but turkeys take care of their grooming themselves.

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