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These are brilliantly colored birds and very good at camouflaging while they walk on grass. All the breeds of pheasants are like dwell on ground and in case of danger they tend to flee on foot. They can only fly in short and fast bursts. Their females live only on ground and look for places that are well camouflaged. Pheasants can be separated in to two categories. Pheasants are very secretive birds and are alarmed quickly. They are not vocal until their breeding season approaches. Pheasants are same in nature as a peafowl, but are wilder in comparison. Their males can be aggressive and can attack with their sharp spurs. Since the males especially the Reeves specie is ill tempered and is not recommended to the beginners Pheasants are hardy birds and live up to 25 years. They can survive in harsh weather conditions as well. Since pheasants are omnivores, it’s easy to feed them. They eat anything, from fruits to vegetables to insects, grasshoppers, slugs, snails and small lizards. If pheasants are not able to get adequate protein it may increase their cannibalistic tendencies. Since they are secretive they require bushes and brush for nesting. They are not good at sitiing on their eggs, hence incubation is required for hatching.


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