Oak trees are basically shrub and belong to the beech tree family. There are 600 species of oak trees, however, there some famous oak tree species such as red oak trees, willow trees, black oak trees, Japanese ever green oak, water oak, pin oak, white oak, bur oak, and post oak. Oak trees are very strong trees, its wood resistant to fungus and insect attacks as it has a high tannin content. Many researches have revealed that other than it usage for furniture and construction it can also be use in alternate medication especially cancer. The bark of oak trees are used in tanning leather and the Acorns from the tree are used to make roasted acorn coffee. Acorns are produced by oak trees during September and early November. These sensitive trees to their environment, they may not bloom and give acorns if the stressed due to the environmental factors. All in all they are cold hardy plants and stay green all the year round.


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