Guineafowl birds are from the family Numididae. They are mostly found in Africa and are ranked among the oldest birds. They usually feed on beetles, locusts, ticks and spiders, flies, wasps, termites, garden ants, snails. Grubs, and cutworms. They roam they like to roam around freely and serve as best pest controls pets. These birds useful, this why everyone who keeps them has a different reason to keep them on farms or as pets. Guineas spend most of their day foraging, they strongly believe in team work and hence work as one. If they find something special to feed on such as a rodent or a small snake they circle around it and eat together. They remain in constant conversation with each other while the move above pecking and eating whatever comes their way. However, are loud birds and tend to become scared if the predator comes or some stranger approaches. Usually they keep to themselves but sometimes they can turn in to bullies for other birds, so keeping a genuine is only a good idea if you do not have any other birds.

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