There are variety of species but the best that can be kept as pet is Chinese goose. It can tolerate confinement and can be kept indoors. These come in two colors, brown and white, the white variety is the most popular. The gender of these goose can be determined from the bump at the base. This bump is predominant in males as compared to females. They jell in well with the owner similarly they do with their parent. Chinese goose are very docile, curious, calm and gentle. Mostly it is believed that geese prefer human company rather staying with their own kind. They are considered very chatty and can be excellent watch dogs. If they are no familiar with something or someone they definitely alarm and alert the owners. It is always preferable to hand feed goslings to form a better binding with the bird. Goslings and difficult to raise, however, it is mandatory to provide light for keeping them warm specifically during winters. If any of the gosling choses to be away from the light that only means that it doesn’t want it and is warm enough. During winters geese are prone to frost bites especially on the bumps and beaks. Geese are neat and clean birds and they preen themselves. They love to eat cereal type grain and are also happy to eat weeds that are found in their lawn such as clover, plantain leaf, grass, lettuce, spinach etc .

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