Ducks are a low maintenance and are preferred for their meat as well as their eggs. However, ducks are known for their broodiness, and the females stop laying eggs. Nevertheless, most of the domesticated birds have lost their instinct for broodiness since they are no more part of the wild. Ducks are clean birds and are very particular about preening. Preening basically helps in secreting an oil from the base of the duck, this prevents water from touching their skin. After preening the ducks tend to take a short nap usually the preening process in ducks requires them to sleep. They like to feed near water, on land and in water. Ducks love to feed on insects, amphibians, worms, etc . They are naturally water lovers and enjoy being water regardless of the season. Their webbed feet helps them to swim around in ponds and lakes.

Ducks are very calm and quiet and they seldom fight among themselves, except when incubating eggs. The fight can only erupt between ducks if a new duck is introduced in the pen. But these fights are not for long time. Ducks are social birds and like being around humans. The domesticated duck tend to lay lot of eggs, and do not bother much about laying only in a nest. If they don’t find a nest they will lay egg on the floor. This may result in lesser chances of eggs to hatch due to contamination. Ducks have life expectancy of 10 years and usually on farms they do not die of old age.

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