These were developed in Australia. Australorps are very consistent in laying eggs without regardless of weather conditions. At an average hens weigh around 7 pounds and roosters weigh about 8-9 pounds. These were bred for their dual purpose that is for their meat and their eggs as well. Australorps have pretty feathers that give off a greenish shine when in day light. They lay around two hundered and fifty brown colored eggs annually. Australorps are known for their calm, sweet, dignified and docile temperament. They are known for the excellent and sweet meat. They can tolerate confinement  and are shy too.

They make great brooders and persistently take care of their eggs and sit on them until the eggs are hatched. Despite being an all-round chicken they are a rare bird and more loved for their meat. Australorps can survive in harsh weather conditions and brood well in winters.

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